Makeup I Forgot About

I have built up a decent sized makeup collection over the years. However, this often means that I rotate products and sometimes simply forget that I once loved a product because I tried others.

After digging through my collection I had some AH HA moments and rediscovered some products that I loved last year but have not used since.

I completely forgot that I still had these products and am excited to incorporate them in my routine, since many of the products are perfect for the spring and summer season. 🌻

smashbox Spotlight Palette- Pearl  

This palette was my go-to highlight product last summer and for a good reason. After rediscovering it, I regret ever letting it slip my mind. Each highlight shade progressively gets more intense and contains more sheen and soft glitter. The first shade ‘Turn It On Pearl’ is the PERFECT highlight shade for my skin tone. It is not too gold, white, or pink but a happy medium which makes it the perfect natural/ everyday highlight. If I am feeling more bold, the other two shades are great pink tone shades that would be great for all skin tones.

The formula is smooth, buttery and LASTS all day. For CAD $40 you cannot go wrong with this highlight trio.

Lancôme Matte Shaker- Magic Orange 

This product is SOOO nostalgic for me. I remember visiting the department store with my mom and her repurchasing the Juicy Shakers time and again. My mom exclusively uses LancĂ´me, she really needs to be on their PR list HAHA. It was also the first brand of makeup I ever recognized and knew.

The Matte Shaker is the perfect lipstick stain and does not dry out the lips. Although, it is not particularly long lasting, its nice on hot and humid days because it feels light weight on the lips. The reason I forgot about this product is because I purchased a bright orange shade. I am usually a soft pink/mauve kind of girl but last year I decided to step out of my comfort zone and try something FUN. I am so excited to start loving this product again for spring and summer!

Amazonian Clay 12 – Hour Blush- paaarty 

I am pretty sure I received this blush as a point perk or birthday gift from Sephora because I have the mini version. I have only recently been into blush because I am kind of pink toned and I feel as though a lot of blush shades do not compliment my tone. This blush is perfect because the undertone is a nice nudey-pink and blends easily. A little goes a long day and now I can actually appreciate blush because of this great formula.

What makeup have you forgotten about?

Until next time,



2 thoughts on “Makeup I Forgot About

  1. Emily Magri says:

    Yay, love that you’re still blogging!! The Tarte blush is my go-to everyday blush and I’m so glad that I’ve got a collection of backups from friends and family who redeemed their birthday gifts solely for the lipstick lol. Also orange lipstick is so much fun for the summer!

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