My Wish-list For Black Friday 2018 💸

Hi friends! 🤗

Today’s post is inspired by my habit of browsing or shopping online (R.I.P bank account) when I’m trying to be productive with school or work. BUT the best part of writing these posts as a school assignment is that I am able to browse the web for inspiration and new items with NO shame! Plus, its Black Friday and I have to partake in all the amazing sales happening this week! that seems justifiable, right…

With Black Friday approaching, I thought I would outline the items that I have been eyeing and adding to my cart for the past few weeks. For one reason or another, (mainly price lol) I have not purchased these items and with the upcoming sales I thought WHY NOT? So, here are the items that I plan to purchase this Black Friday…


Screen Shot 2018-11-19 at 4.44.23 PM

This stunning 18CT Gold plate necklace by DAISY LONDON in collaboration with Estée Lalonde is at the top of my list of items that I am excited to purchase this Black Friday on sale. I am not much of a jewelry person but something about the simplicity and elegance of this piece makes me interesting in investing in a necklace like this. This necklace can be worn with a countless number of outfits as it is seemingly versatile and flattering. I am also drawn to this piece because it is collaboration with Estée, a small town girl from Waterloo, ON who is now living in London, U.K.. She is highly successful on YouTube and is one of my favourite influencers that I follow. Plus, with 20% this Black Friday, how can I say no to this fabulous piece?


Screen Shot 2018-11-19 at 6.02.30 PM

Lately, all I want to wear are turtlenecks. A few years ago I did not own a single one but now they have become an essential in my wardrobe. Whenever I am browsing online or in stores, I immediately gravitate to these sweaters. My 😍 for turtlenecks is simply that they are extremely comfortable and it feels like a constant warm hug. Plus, they can be dressed up or down and allow you to be creative in other aspects of your outfit. As of now, I do not own any light gray turtlenecks so, I thought why not pick one up from H&M on sale. The turtleneck may not be the only thing I buy though 😳 (restraint will be needed) ;). (FYI H&M is currently having a 20-60% sale).


Me wearing one of my go-to turtlenecks from H&M!

What items are on your Black Friday wish-list? Let me know by commenting…

Happy Shopping! ☺️

Until next time,


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